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Coffee Social | Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, & Entrepreneurship

Jonathan Howard and Mimi Langley

Hi! Welcome to Coffee Social! We’re spilling the beans on all things business, social media, and entrepreneurship. Your hosts Mimi Langley and Jonathan Howard will be leading candid conversations packed with their New York personalities, as they delve into social media marketing, YouTube and Instagram strategies, building confidence, and making money as solopreneurs.

Join us for chats about the world of social audio (Clubhouse & LinkedIn), mastering content creation like a boss, nailing networking, building community, and even squeezing extra hours out of your day with killer time management skills.

Mimi and Jonathan’s signature style is flavored with a dash of wit and a heap of real talk. No boring conversations will be had here. You just never know what will come out of Mimi or Jonathan’s mouth next. 

So grab your cup of joe, matcha, or tea and listen in as we dish out practical advice and unravel the secrets behind thriving in the digital age of business.

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